B(R)OIL LA - A Web-Based Cooking Show

Justin Jones


B(R)OIL LA is a YouTube channel aimed at providing high-quality, cooking related videos in a short form, episodic format released weekly. We started organically growing our audience in 2016 and are looking towards other avenues to increase our potential customer base. In addition to the channel, we are also planning to create several products under the B(R)OIL LA brand- the primary product being a companion cookbook. The prize money from this competition would be used to update and add camera equipment, increase our royalty free music library, and also to develop and create the aforementioned cookbook. A portion would also be allocated to marketing across all social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) to increase our audience. Feel free to visit our channel at youtube.com/broilla to view our content and see what we're all about!