Girls Gun Wild

Tammy Harrison


A NEW Concept for Today's Female Shooters has arrived in Pinellas County!! Female shooters...You Want It?? WE GOT IT!! Guns, ammo, holsters, CCW purses, fancy hearing and eye protection, bra holsters, women's camouflage clothing, pepper spray, etc....... You won't be able to ignore the bright pink building at the corner of Highland Avenue and E. Bay Dr. In Largo!! Girls Gun Wild is a local shooter's boutique for women located at 95 Highland Ave. in Largo, FL. We buy, sell, and trade most varieties of firearms. We hope you feel free to stop by and check us out!! All of our employees have advanced knowledge in a variety of firearms and are available to answer any questions you may have. We pride ourselves in offering our customers a pleasant environment and always insure not only the highest level of care and knowledge, but also the highest level of assurance that what you buy from us will preform as expected. Our Concealed Carry Classes are top notch, too! Our classes run for 4 hours, the classroom portion being at our store and the second portion being off-site. Our instructors have between them over 40 years of experience as Law Enforcement Officers.