Soccer. Stop Playing The Game. Start Changing The Game.

Aaron Woodruff


Fact is, soccer practice is not enough, you need more touches outside those 90 minutes. You have to train on your own, and juggling or doing toe taps is not enough. After working with thousands of soccer athletes & clubs around the world, we’ve found that the most dominating soccer players are getting thousands of touches outside of practice…but more importantly, they are getting realistic game-like touches. We’ve invented the best way to do just that & propel your game to the next level. So what is the ONLY soccer training tool that thousands of players are using? Hint: It’s not what you think… Introducing Soccer Sidekick: The Sidekick Training ball is THE ONLY training ball that allows soccer players to rapidly improve their first touch & train game-like situations by themselves, anywhere they go ⚽ We’ve received respect from the top clubs in the world including FC Barcelona, Inter Milan, Bayern Munich, Inter Argentina, Olympique de Marseille, Manchester United, SD Eibar, Real Madrid… the list goes on and on... but why do they support Soccer Sidekick? It allows players to increase the number of touches they get on the ball while improving ball control and confidence in just a few minutes a day… which enables players to become the difference maker on the pitch. Why is the Soccer Sidekick is better? By adjusting the setting of the cord, the ball returns to a different part of your body when you kick it… and it actually feels like a real pass from a teammate coming back to you. The Soccer Sidekick SPINS FREELY on an adjustable elastic cord. On the GREEN setting the ball zips back to your feet, on ORANGE it returns to your thigh, on YELLOW to your chest, and on BLUE it pops up for a header. You simply hold the cord by the handle with your arm in front of you and pass the ball on the ground like a normal pass to a teammate. You can create realistic, game-like situations by yourself and get unlimited repetitions anytime, anywhere. Even GOALKEEPERS can train independently by putting the handle around their wrist, shooting the ball, and making reaction dives and catches as the ball zooms back. If you are serious about taking your game to the next level, or just want to have fun while getting extra touches on the ball, you need a Soccer Sidekick.